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I am Sebastian Bischert, Consultant for Search Engine Marketing & website analysis.

I have specialized in improving the organic visibility of websites through targeted analysis and optimization (SEO) in order to achieve more reach and thus potential sales for companies.

I support start-ups, medium-sized companies and individual companies in winning more customers online, quantifying the relevant data and showing correspondingly optimized or even new ways.
So if you want to rocket your website into the top positions in Google search results or want to analyze user traffic and user behavior on your website, please contact me. I provide you with answers on how to optimize your website in order to achieve your KPIs.

My clients include small local businesses as well as nationally known brands. I offer my know-how, which I have acquired over the years through customer projects and my own projects.
I work exclusively based on data and facts, and the cooperation is based on trust, respect, transparency, openness and honesty.

SEO & Website Analytics


How does SEO work and what are its goals?

The abbreviation SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. This area of ​​online marketing refers to the targeted process of improving the positioning of a website in organic search results (SERPs = Search Engine Results Pages).

Search engines can be understood as digital libraries, which store digital websites instead of haptic books. So when you enter a query into the search engine, it looks through the websites in the index and returns the most relevant pages. For this process, the search engine uses a computer program called an algorithm. Nobody knows how these algorithms work in detail, but at least there are hints and basic information from Google itself. On their page How does Google Search work? Google explains, that while a multitude of factors (more than 200) are taken into account, there are 5 key factors that decide which results match the search query. These are the words (keywords) used in your search query, page relevance and usefulness, source expertise, and your location and preferences.

The goal of SEO is therefore to improve your website based on these and other factors, in order to get the highest possible priority in the search results. In contrast to search engine advertising (SEA = Search Engine Advertising), where you have to pay for every click, SEO achieves permanent, higher visibility for your website and thus for your product or service. Search engine optimization is therefore used for visibility on the web, more traffic, more conversions (and thus sales) and strengthens awareness and image. Search engine optimization includes the areas of keywords & strategy, technical SEO, on-page optimization and off-page optimization.

Keywords & Strategy

Keywords are the basis of SEO. If nobody searches for what you write about, you won’t get any traffic from the search engines – no matter how hard you try.
Keyword strategy relies on the process of understanding the language your audience uses when searching for your products, services, and content. The best keyword options for your website are analyzed, compared and prioritized.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website to help search engines find, crawl, understand, and index your page. The aim is to be found, and technical SEO is the requirement for further SEO measures to take effect.


ON-PAGE optimization deals with all measures that you can take on your own website/content.
There are 3 areas to consider:



OFF-PAGE optimizations mean all actions taken outside of your website to improve search engine rankings. This is the process of building your website’s reputation, which is mainly determined by links (backlinks) pointing to your own website from another website.

What I offer and how I work

In the SEO, the focus is often on how the algorithms work in order to optimize a website. This is definitely not wrong, but from my point of view the better approach is to create or optimize the website technically, structurally and in terms of content in such a way that it ultimately inspires your relevant target group. Google wouldn’t want anything else either. All the algorithms, Google updates and thus rankings serve to offer the user the best surfing experience. If you set this as your goal and the implementation and optimization contribute, that your website and content inspire your customers in the long term, then sooner or later you will achieve growth of your site.

You have an existing website and are looking in vain for your page in the search results, especially for your strategically important keywords? Or are you planning a new website or a relaunch of your site and need an SEO expert for a keyword strategy? I can help you to optimize your website for your target group by checking and analyzing technical, content and structural aspects. Where is potential? How can you stand out from the competition? Which content (type, format, focus) suits your product and customer? I work data-based, and my goal is to analyze and anticipate user intentions and user behavior and use these insights accordingly, so that your website is found by the relevant customers and offers them a user experience that inspires and shapes.

Website analytics

Optimizations are only possible with data and analyses

How good is a marketing action, no matter how good it is, if you don’t know how your users interact with your website? In order to identify optimization potential, to understand the relevant target groups and also to recognize growth, data and analyzes are simply indispensable. It is important to understand what is happening on the site.

Comprehensive and data protection-compliant Google Analytics tracking is the solution here. Google Analytics (GA) is a complex, but also very valuable tool. If set up correctly, it provides a precise data basis, which is important for future decisions and measures. It enables, for example, an evaluation of your marketing activities or gives you information about where your users reached your website from. Tracking tools can, among other things, provide answers as to how often the contact form was used, where you lose your users in the shop, how far certain content pages are scrolled and much more. Since Google Analytics has many links to tools such as Google Ads, Google Search Console and Google Tag Manager, it is the most widely used tracking and analysis tool.

What I offer and how I work

If you would like to find out more about the usage behavior of your website visitors, I would be happy to help you set up tracking tools such as Google Analytics (UA & GA4), Google Tag Manager or Hotjar. If Google Analytics is already running on your website, but you don’t think the tracking data is correct, I will check the data as part of an analytics audit and fix the errors.

I also offer advanced tracking solutions using Google Tag Manager. This tool simplifies the acquisition of measurement data and the distribution to the different tools. If you have an online shop, I would be happy to set up clean conversion tracking and a conversion funnel for you, to take a closer look at and optimize the buying process.

Of course, it is also important to analyze and keep an eye on the development of a website. Based on the data, I will create a report for you and show you the optimization potential of your website. It is also possible to create an automated live reporting dashboard (Datastudio) so that you always have up-to-date access to the performance and KPIs of your websites.

Organic search is where your audience is already looking. If you’re not there, your leads are finding your competitors instead.

SEO is 10x more effective than social media. It is responsible for 51% of all website traffic.

The fact that 91% of pages on the internet get no organic traffic means that you get the leg up on your competitors the moment you start making an impact with your SEO efforts.


my services

The foundation of my range of services consists of my many years of experience in online marketing, continuous training and my curiosity about people’s digital behavior, which I passionately try to anticipate through strategic and data-driven analyses. I also have a strong network of SEO and website analysis experts, so I can provide you with an answer or a recommendation for every question. My range of services focuses on search engine optimization and website analysis.

If you are already working with a website developer or an agency, a second opinion in the SEO area is often helpful to obtain valuable information on SEO deficits. That’s why I offer both one-off SEO consultations and long-term SEO support for your website. I am also happy to listen to your requirements and needs in the analytics field and create an individual offer for you.

As a freelancer, I offer you a high degree of customization of your project and various services from a single source. The advantage of a freelancer is that, unlike an SEO agency, you can cancel working with me at any time if you are not satisfied with the results.

My services at a glance


If you are planning a new website, relaunching an existing site or you have suffered a loss of visibility, I offer you my SEO expertise, which is exclusively based on White Hat SEO. I create SEO strategies, on-page analyses, support you in optimizing local or regional searches (Local SEO), create backlink analyzes and look at your competition. All with the aim of sustainably increasing the number of your users/customers and thus sales.

  • Keywordresearch /-analyses & Keywordstrategy
  • SEO Audit (scale: small-large)
  • Technical SEO (Crawling, Indexing, Performance)
  • Relaunch – Support
  • Local SEO
  • On-Page Optimization
  • Backlinkanalyses & Linkbuilding-Consulting
  • Competitor analyses
  • Contentoptimization
  • Internal & external linking
  • Monitoring with SEO Tools


I support you in setting up analytics, help with tracking problems or troubleshooting in your current set-up and create individual data views and reports to evaluate the existing data in a qualitatively correct way.
I also implement conversion tracking and corresponding goals to find out quickly and efficiently how many and which of your users meet this goal.
I check whether your entire tracking is set up on the basis of the GDPR guidelines (General Data Protection Regulation of the EU) and provide instructions for the initial setup.

  • Google Analytics Set-Up
  • Google Analytics Audit
  • Creation of individuell GA custom reports, data views, dimensions and metrics based on your questions & goals 
  • Verification of the GDPR-compliant implementation
  • Implementation of conversion tracking & goals


I answer your questions about your website and users based on data analysis in order to create reports for you that show potential for optimization.
I create individual reports and dashboards (optionally in your corporate identity design), which visually processes your goal achievement and make it understandable for everyone.

  • Data analyses
  • Set-up & Monitoring Live Dashboard (Datastudio)
  • Creation of individuell website reporting presentation (quarterly, yearly)
  • Campaign tracking including reporting


Normally, you would have to implement all tracking tools (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Hotjar, Facebook Pixel, etc.) individually on the website. The Google Tag Manager (GTM) simplifies this process. I support the implementation & tag management for your website.
If you want to optimize your online sales funnel, I create a clean conversion tracking with a conversion funnel in connection with GA and GTM to find out where optimizations are needed in the buying process.

  • Tracking implementation
  • Tag Management (Google Tag Manager)
  • Data analyses
  • Sales Funnel Optimization
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

FAQs about my services:

My goal is to find the solutions to get your site ranked high on Google for your keywords. The decision as to which page occupies position 1 is ultimately decided by the Google algorithm and the relevance of the page.
SEO often means patience, but I can say from experience that within 2-3 months after SEO optimization there is an improvement in visibility, often also a placement among the TOP 3. The development also depends on your competitors and the initial position.

Yes, I have experience in SEA and I explicitly offer the implementation of campaigns in the search network. This includes campaign creation, keyword research, creation of ad texts, monitoring, optimization and campaign reports. All based on your goals, of course.

Yes, of course. If you are looking for support with setting up your Google Analytics tracking or tag manager, I will be happy to do it for you. If you are overwhelmed with the measurement data from Google Analytics, I would be happy to create a one-time or regular evaluation (compact-detailed) based on your goals and show you optimization potential.

“Collaboration” is the keyword here. Even if you can advance a project very independently as an SEO consultant, it is not possible without cooperation with the customer. No SEO strategy or analysis will do anything if the resulting optimizations are not implemented. That’s why I work closely with my clients to achieve the goals. Open, honest, fair and respectful interaction and exchange at eye level is very important to me. Flexibility, speed, transparency, ethics and loyalty are important values for me.
Since the days of Corona and working from home, digital meetings via Zoom, Teams or Skype have become indispensable. I am happy to exchange ideas with you in this way and a personal meeting is also possible at any time when I am in Germany.

Search engine optimization costs depend on your website, keywords, competitors and your requirements. The effort involved in website analysis also varies and is determined by the size of your website and your requirements, among other things. The cost of my service depends on what needs to be done and how much time is involved. Feel free to contact me so that we can discuss your needs and I will then make you an individual offer (on an hourly basis).


client ratings

Ruth Würz | Marketing and Communication manager | Augenklinik Stadthagen
Working with Sebastian Bischert is very pleasant, both on a professional and a personal level. With his in-depth knowledge of SEO and SEA, he helps us a lot to achieve our corporate goals. He works very efficiently and his advice and analyzes are of high quality. He always acts quickly, reliably and 100% on time. We can warmly recommend Sebastian as a pleasant and friendly cooperation partner.
Sandro Bilecic | Online Marketing Manager | Shell Energy Retail GmbH
I am very happy to have gained a strong partner in the field of website analysis in Sebastian Bischert. As a reliable contact person who has comprehensive and up-to-date expertise in the areas of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and Google Datastudio, he proceeds very conscientiously when analyzing our requirements and never loses sight of our goals. He dealt intensively with our business model and in this way developed lessons learned and recommendations for action that have taken us great steps forward in the areas of website analysis and monitoring. Sebastian is reliable, punctual and an extremely pleasant and friendly cooperation partner who I can recommend unreservedly.
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my story

about me

After completing my studies in sports economics, I started my professional career in marketing exactly 13 years ago. Starting in project and product marketing with various TV marketers, I decided after a short time to specialize in digital marketing. I was interested in the Internet early on, the free access to information and the opportunity to help shape this digital world.

During my agency time at pilot Hamburg, I initially worked as a senior consultant and then as head of consulting, supervising and advising on exciting content marketing projects, especially in the areas of search engine marketing and website analysis. The aim was to build up and expand the customer’s individual brand and to increase visibility in the digital world through unique content.

As a self-employed online marketing consultant, I focus specifically on search engine optimization (SEO) and website analysis.

I strive to achieve organic growth (SEO) through data-based analytics with a focus on user satisfaction & profitability.

In my private life, sport and travel are my greatest passions. I’ve kept myself active and fit since I was a child. Whether fitness, jogging or surfing, moving and challenging my body and achieving goals is an integral part of my life. My other passion, traveling, is based on my urge to see the world, to get to know other cultures and people and to gain new life experiences that nobody can take away from me.

In today’s digital world, home office or remote work can be anywhere and I can pursue my passion for travel all year round and am currently doing so. Even if I have only spent a few months in Germany in each of the last 3 years, my clients always know that I am there for them and that they can count on me at any time.

Because my motivation at work, in sports or when traveling is always the same: to achieve goals! For me personally and for my clients.

Please have a look at my CV on LinkedIn or Xing:


Let's talk about
your project

As already mentioned in the About me section, I am currently abroad. That’s why I’m happy about the first contact via the form. Feel free to write me your questions and requirements and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I am happy to read from you.